Painting With Light

80-page book on the stained glass work of Erica Karawina. Photographs by Jerry Chong at Graphic Pictures. Written by Marilyn Alper.

To Steal A Kingdom

This 264-page book by Michael Dougherty probes the history of Hawaii.

James McCutcheon, Professor of History and American Studies at the University of Hawaii said of this book: “To Steal A Kingdom is a powerful indictment of the western intrusion on Hawaii. It is an angry and powerful book. Angry at rapacious and greedy westerners and sorry for the effect on Hawaiians… It is an epic tale with high and low moments of humanity.”


250-page coffee table book featuring tow-in surfing on Maui, Hawaii. Quote from printer: “I can’t believe how much blue ink we used on this job!”

John Pitre

This 144-page large format book shares the creative mind of John Pitre… artist, inventor, and dreamer. Visit his website at:

The Soul of Surfing is Hawaiian

Fred Hemmings’ 160-page personal perspective of surfing’s culture and history.

Haleiwa – A Pictorial History

88-page large format book by Tom Jacobs, Photography by Bill Romerhaus

From the dust jacket: “This story is told with photos that are, in some cases, almost one hundred years old. Alongside these historic photos, brilliant state-of-the-art color photography brings present-day Hale‘iwa and the North Shore of O‘ahu to vibrant life. The authors have tried hard to capture the sight and feel of a town and an area that represents “country” to the people of O‘ahu. Hale‘iwa is a town that is truly “a place in time.”

Restaurant Japanese

This pocket size book was created to help waiters and waitresses learn basic Japanese that would be useful in the restaurant business.

Absolutely Awesome Island Animals

24-page children’s board book published by Cheeky Tales: “Island style children’s books created, published and peddled by a keiki… Cooper Riley.”

Keikilani, The Kona Nightingale

32-page children’s book series designed for Mouse! Publishing. “Follow the adventures of Keikilani, the singing donkey, as she travels from the mountains to the sea on the Big Island of Hawaii.”

Illustrated by Karen Spachner. Visit her website to purchase these books and her incredible art at:

Outrigger Canoe Club, The First Hundred Years

This 256-page coffee table book was published by the Outrigger Canoe Club for it’s members only, to celebrate their 100th year anniversary.

Her Daddy’s Best Ice Cream

A 96-page hard cover book that was published by Pacific Greetings. From the forward: The verses in this small volume were written by a doting father to commemorate the birthdays of his daughter. The first ‘Commemorative Ballad’ was composed around midnight on August 10th, 1930, the night of her birth. I had no thought of writing others; but, somehow, on every August 10th thereafter, more were added, and so it went, year after year…


Me and Him Are Killing English! by Doug Carlson

From the back cover: “Me and Him Are Killing English! helps you lose the poor speaking habits that can slow your progress in business and education.  It’s easy – and it’s necessary if you want to succeed.”

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